A Shocking Jacket For Personal Protection

A Shocking New Jacket Protects Women

Forget tasers ladies, the No-Contact Jacket is where it’s at.
The No-Contact Jacket is a wearable defensive jacket created to aid women in their struggle for protection from violence. When activated by the wearer, 80,000 volts of low amperage electric current pulses just below the surface shell of the entire jacket. This exo-electric armor prevents any person from unauthorized contact with the wearer’s body.

Pretty freaking sweet. The little blue things you see in the picture up near the lady’s neck is actually arcing current. Man that’s awesome. I’m getting one for my girlfriend, I’ll let you know how she likes it.

UPDATE: She liked it a lot until she wiped her nose on the sleeve. Now she’s on the kitchen floor with smoke coming out of her eyes.

Several more pictures, including a close-up of the arcing accent, and a link to two videos, after the jump.

Official Site
Video of the arcing
Video of actual demonstration

Thanks Liam, lets take turns kicking each other in the nuts

An electrically charged coat could prevent women from being attacked.

Souce:  www.geekologie.com

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An MIT engineer and a fashion designer have teamed up to develop an electric coat to protect women from being attacked. The key is a simple 9V battery and a special fabric that conducts electricity and can be hidden inside the lining of a jacket. When someone grabs the jacket, 80-thousand volts are released. That’s enough electricity to stop an attack, without killing the attacker, but the jacket’s inner lining is insulated to protect the wearer. The jacket has been tested successfully in the lab, and now three volunteers are testing it in the real world.

Adam Whiton (the MIT engineer) and Yolita Nugent (the fashion designer) were working together on a project. One day, they started talking about personal security – how men and women often feel very different levels of security while living in the city. When Nugent told Whiton how she often felt nervous walking alone, he came up with the idea of a portable electric fence, a jacket that would shock anyone who tried to attack a woman wearing it.

The jacket runs on an ordinary 9V battery. If a woman feels threatened, for example if she’s walking down a dark street, or sees a group of strangers, she can arm the jacket with a small key, which connects the battery to a series of capacitors that “step up” the voltage to 80 000 volts (but a very low, non-lethal current). When the jacket is armed, a small light in the sleeve tells the wearer that the system is active.

Souce: www.acfnewsource.org

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